Poker game in progress

Poker tournaments are kind of different types like The World Series, World tour, Spring Championship, and Aussie Millions.

Poker can be a complicated game, which is why it’s popular enough to be studied and analyzed by people who want to learn how to play and want to know the strategies of all the great players. But it isn’t just a game with varying rules and events. It has many significant tournaments and important events, which is how many professional players have created a massive career out of playing and are rich because of it. But what are the significant type of events that take place, and how often do they occur? Is it a once-a-year thing, or are there ways to play more often? Do you have to play only in smaller tournaments, or can you find more significant events to try? What about online gaming, and how does it differ from live games?

The World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is also called WSOP. It has fifty or more events along with a bracelet and cash that goes to the winner. It’s played in Las Vegas, Nevada, once a year, beginning between May and June. The Main Event final table takes place in November.

World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is also called the WPT, and just like the World Series, it’s played throughout the entire year. The winners of each tournament in the World Tour win a bracelet.

Spring Championship of Online Poker

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is also called SCOOP and is one of PokerStars’ famous online series tournaments.

World Championship

The World Championship of Online Poker is also called WCOOP and is very similar to The Spring Championship of Online Poker. It’s another tournament series done by PokerStar and is played in the fall rather than the spring.

Aussie Millions

The Aussie Millions is a tournament in Australia and has some of the highest buy-ins in all of poker history.

European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour, also known as the EPT, is owned and sponsored by the Rational Group and is similar to The World Poker Tour, held in Europe.

These are all the main events that take place one to two times a year throughout the seasons. There are also events like the Sunday Majors that are held once a week, as well as casinos various games that are held daily, weekly, as well as seasonally too.

You can also choose to play online, where you can find sites like PokerStars that have twelve different events going on every Sunday, with buy-ins going from one dollar re-buy-ins from eleven to five hundred dollars. The guaranteed prize pools for each go from twenty-five thousand dollars up to a million dollars. And there are other websites you can find online that host smaller versions of PokerStars Sunday Majors. They may even have several larger tournaments going on throughout the week rather than all in a single day.