Players playing a poker tournament

Poker is one of the most popular games to play, partially because it allows people the chance to win it big and end up winning tons of money—up to millions of dollars, in many cases. But it’s also loved for its strategy and gameplay which is studied by thousands of people all around the world. But what types of poker tournaments are there? What are they and how do they work? There are plenty, so here is a list all about the many different types of poker tournaments.

Poker Tournaments

One of the most popular poker game tournaments is Texas Hold’Em, so well known that most people, even those who don’t know anything about poker, have heard of it.

But in recent years, there has been what people call a “poker boom,” so now, more poker games are played as tournaments, more so than ever before. Tournaments can be played online and live, both in-person and also filmed on TV as well.

Games such as Omaha, Stud, Razz, H.O.R.S.E are all done in a tournament format. No Limit is one of the most popular, because then there is no limit to how high the betting can go, but there is also Limit and Pot Limit that are used in tournaments as well.

The stakes for these tournaments depend on the event. Most of the online tournaments are free all the way up to five hundred dollars. There are some that go bigger, but most range between two to five hundred dollars. 

Offline, however, there are tournaments that begin at twenty dollars and go all the way up to five hundred dollars, so it all depends on the poker room. There are many bigger, higher-end events that go anywhere from five hundred dollars up to one thousand five hundred dollars and can continue up from there. 

  • Freezeout, which is where most tournaments are. Once you bust, then you’re completely out of the tournament.
  • Rebuy is similar to a freezeout, except that for a short time, you can buy into the tournament again after you bust. Typically, this only happens for the first few levels of the game.
  • Turbo and Super Turbo, which has levels that are much faster. Rather than twenty minutes or longer, each level in these types of tournaments will be three to ten minutes long. So, the strategy is different for these games and it involves a whole lot more luck
  • Guarantee is any event where there’s a prize pool that is guaranteed regardless of how many players participate. So, if the players can’t form the prize pool, then the poker room will
  • Satellite are tournaments where seats to a higher value tournament are handed out instead of a cash prize.
  • Bounty and Knockout, which is where you pay extra. The extra goes to what’s called a bounty, which is paid whenever you or someone else knocks out a player. An example is that if there is a five dollar bounty on each player’s head, and you got knocked out, they would get your five dollar chip.
  • SNGs, are smaller tournaments with fixed fields that start as soon as all seats are filled. Usually, they’re played between larger tournaments.
  • Deepstacks are tournaments where you start with a deeper stack than usual. Instead of a thousand chips you could start with three or five thousand, or all the way up to twenty thousand.
  • Shootouts is when all tables play until there is one player left. Then all the winners go against each other in a final table.