Phil Ivey showing his cards

Phil Ivey also participates a lot in the four thousand to eight thousand dollar mixed cash game that takes place at the Bellagio.

Phil Ivey is a United States professional poker player worth over thirty-one point seven million dollars. He has one of the longest and most successful in poker. That’s why he’s considered one of the best poker players of all time.

Phil Ivey

Phil plays in the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. He participates in the $4-8,000 mixed cash game at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada, known as the Big Game.

In 2006, Phil played a heads-up Limit Texas Hold’Em game against Texas billionaire Andy Beal. The stakes at this game were at 25 over 50,000 and 50 over 100,000. Phil won a whopping total of sixteen million dollars in just three days at The Wynn Resort. He was playing for The Corporation. It is a group of professional poker players who all took turns playing against Andy Beal to defeat him. Earlier in the month, Andy had defeated The Corporation out of over thirteen million dollars.

Phil has also played poker online and had some amazing feats on there as well. He was part of the original design team for Full Tilt Poker, which not many people know. Then, in May 2011, he filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada, with a claim that stated that Full Tilt had breached his contract. The suit asked for damages at a whopping one hundred and fifty million dollars and demanded that Phil be released from his contract with the company. But on June 30th of that same year, he withdrew the lawsuit voluntarily.

Winnings says that Phil won nearly two million dollars on Fulltilt back in 2007, $7.34 million in 2008, $6.33 million in 2009, and three million in 2010.

It also comes as no surprise that Phil has won an award—The All in Magazine 2005 Poker Player of the Year and the All In Magazine 2009 Poker Player of the Year.

In August of 2012, Phil supposedly won over seven million three hundred euros (or twelve million dollars in United States money) playing Punto Banco at Crockfords, a famous casino in London. Still, he was refused payment outside of his first one million euros, apparently due to Phil’s use of edge sorting. He stated his lawyers, denying his misconduct, saying, “I deny any allegations of wrongdoing by Crockfords in the very strongest of terms.”

Then, in April of 2014, The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, sewed Phil Ivy under the claim that he cheated at baccarat by taking advantage of a defect in manufacturing the playing cards. Both Crockfords and the Borgata used the same kind of playing cards, which Gemaco created. The Borgata chose to sue Gamaco in addition to suing Phil.

In the end, The Borgata sued Phil for fifteen point six million dollars, and in October 2014, a court in the United Kingdom said that Phil had cheated and went with the casino with the costs.