Online Poker

Hendon Mob database is the core source for the record of poker tournaments played around the world, with a list of the best poker players.

Everyone who enjoys watching poker knows that the Hendon Mob database is the core source for poker tournaments. But trying to come up with the top five impressive poker players online is a bit hard to narrow down. Predominantly when cash prize earnings determine it. A detailed online game database doesn’t exist, much to everyone’s surprise.

Yet, some impressive poker players deserve to be talked about for their outstanding achievements in their careers.

Top Players:

Linus Loeliger

Linus is likely worthy of being in the top five most impressive poker players of all time. He played in the 10NL online in 2013. Since then, he’s reached the height of his career in high-stakes poker games online. He has over two point one million dollars in cash earnings at stakes of 50NL and up on PokerStars. Some of his most famous winnings come from No-Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

Berri Sweet

No one knows the actual name of this player. But this person is listed as the number one all-time online cash winner at PokerStars. They’ve earned over four point five million dollars in total on the world’s largest poker site. It’s hard to figure out how much cash this person has made, as we don’t know this username’s identity. Half of this person’s earnings have come from the twenty thousand NL stakes alone.

Action Freak

This is yet another online poker player whose real identity we don’t know, but this person has earned over two million dollars in their entire online poker career. Action Freak took on Phil Galfond in the RunItOnce Galfond Challenge back in early 2020. While Galfond ended up with fifteen thousand in hand and won the challenge, it’s not considered a great victory because of how close Action Freak came.

Timofey Kuznetsov

In 2018, a YouTuber named Doug Polk made a video called “Top 10 Cash Game Poker Players,” In the video, Doug listed Timofey Kuznetsov as the number one player. Since his online career, he’s now a regular player in live poker games, including Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio Las Vegas and Triton Poker games in the Asia-Pacific region. He’s earned about three million dollars from online poker during his online career from 2011 to 2018.

Viktor Blom

Viktor Blom uses the username “Isildur1” and began his online poker career in 2000. He’s not only been part of some of the biggest hands in online poker history, but by the age of fifteen, he already had a total of over two hundred thousand dollars earned. Another of his most impressive feats is making one point seven million dollars in cash in just two weeks of playing online. Since his online career, Viktor is now playing live poker. Still, he wouldn’t be the player he is today without first having played an impressive series of online games, including many of which were against some of the best players of poker in all of poker history.