Stephan Chidwick starring to his opponents

Stephen Chidwick is from England and started playing online poker in 2008 and after that won several poker tournaments.

Stephan Chidwick is a poker player from England who is worth about thirty-five point six million dollars. He’s one of the best tournament poker players globally on the high roller tournament scene. He was born on May 10th in 1989 born in Deal, Kent. He first started playing poker back in 2008. When he began, he initially played online poker with the username stevie444 and another username called TylersDad64 in many different online poker cardrooms. His first major win was in 2009 when he was the runner-up in the Full Tilt FTOPS event, where he won over one hundred and forty-two thousand dollars.

Stephan Chidwick

His first cash win was in 2010 in the World Series of Poker, and he earned cash prizes in three different events, which was a great accomplishment. In 2015, Stephan finished runner up in the ten thousand dollars Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Championship, where he won almost two hundred thousand dollars for his placement.

Stephan took third place in the partypoker Live Millions Grand Final Barcelona ten thousand euro main event three years later. He won over a million dollars, the first major cash price he had earned playing live poker. In the Card Player Poker Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series five thousand dollar main event, Stephan made 4th place. He earned a hundred and seventy-thousand dollars—very close to two hundred thousand.

In the entire year of 2018, Stephan made the second most final tables in live poker events at 26 of them in total. He was behind a man named Jake Schindler, who ended up making 31 final tables. In 2019, Stephan was the United Kingdom’s Global Poker Index leader with three thousand six hundred and two point thirty-one points, and he led the Global Poker Index (also called GPI) from April 18th to October 9th in 2018.

Winning a WSOP Bracelet

Though Stephan had so much success in his poker career, he didn’t earn a WSOP bracelet until 2019. Then he won over one point six million dollars—halfway to two million—in the twenty-five thousand dollar Pot Limit Omaha High Roller Event. That was the only WSOP bracelet he has ever earned, though perhaps he’ll be able to win more in the future. He’s been successful enough and has the opportunity to as well.

In total, he has won seven different live cash prices that reach well over the million-dollar mark. One of his largest wins was at the Triton Poker Million for Charity event. In this tournament, he came in 4th place and won five million three hundred and sixty-eight thousand, the highest amount he has ever won in live poker tournaments. In November of 2019, Stephan was placed first on the England all-time money list because he’s won a total of thirty-two million dollars in live poker tournament prize money. This also ranks him at 8th place in the all-time world money list, a considerable accomplishment.