Maria Ho enjoying her game

Maria Ho is a Taiwanese-American professional poker player, a TV host, commentator, and worth a whopping four million dollars. She was born on March 6th in 1983, in Taipei, Taiwan. Maria is considered one of the best female poker players in the world and of all time. Not only is she a woman in the Poker Hall of Fame, her live poker tournament record includes sixty-three different World Series of Poker cashes and five World Series of Poker final tables.

Maria Ho

Other than a poker career, she’s been on many TV shows. She was even on American Idol during Hollywood Week of season three. She competed as the only all-female team on The Amazing Race and was a celebrity guest on Deal or No Deal in 2019. 

Maria was born in a traditional Taiwanese family. She grew up outside Los Angeles in Arcadia, California. Her family had moved there from Taiwan when she was only four. Her older sister is named Judy Ho. Judy is a media personality, psychologist and known for hosting the CBS talk show called Face The Truth.

In college, Maria started playing poker. She fell in love with it and soon learned that she had a passion for it. Her passion for poker came from a mixture of the psychology of the game and the competitive spirit. Soon, she played familiar games in college with friends to limit cash games at nearby Indian casinos. Then, in 2005 when Maria graduated from UCSD with a major in communications and a minor in law, she no longer played no-limit poker games. Instead, she was now playing high-stakes cash games. She started saving up enough money and winning enough money from poker that she felt confident enough to begin her career as a professional poker player.

First Tournament

In 2007, Maria’s first major tournament accomplishment came when she was in the 2007 World Series of Poker, and she became the last woman to stay in the event. She ended up getting 38th place out of six thousand three hundred and fifty-eight other players. Because of her placement, she brought home two hundred and thirty-seven thousand dollars that day. After that, she managed to do it again in 2014, when she got 77th place out of six thousand six hundred and eighty-three other players.

Then, in the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, she came in 27th place and became known as The Last Woman Standing. In 2017, she came in 6th place and had a final table finish, so she became the only player ever to hold the title Last Woman Standing four times over and at both World Series of Poker and World Series of Poker Europe Main Events.